When one is a newly designated preparer of the food for a family, it is not beyond reason that one might be daunted by the task. Further, beginners newly exposed to the prospect of entertaining, and the other food preparation might be apprehensive. Everyone has to begin somewhere, and sometimes, the basics might be translated into the most challenging. Every venture into cooking and food preparation can, and should, be broken down into simple categories, such as: ingredients, preparation, cooking, baking, stewing or grilling & presentation. Keep things organized in your head this way and already cooking will seem easier!

We are presently heading into late summer and early Fall, and what a joy the annual harvest brings to a home gardener or farmers making available a cornucopia of root vegetables, such as beets, carrots, parsnips, fall fruiting plants like pears, apples, figs and others too many to name. Lovely herbs from your garden can be cut and frozen, or dried as preferred. If you aren’t a gardener, now is the time to stock up on the bounty for storage from your local farm market or supermarket.

Fall Appetizers:

Some lovely fall appetizers and accompaniments are delicious and relatively easy to prepare.

Let’s begin with a full flavored, hot spiced cider or lemonade, where the cider can be served in small mugs or a punch bowl. Cider can be purchased and then heated with a few fall apples studded with cloves and peppercorns floating in the bowl, and a dash of hot cayenne or other chili powder, as well as a few slices of thinly sliced apples or citrus.

This will be a beautiful presentation served amid an armful of fall flowers like bright asters, chrysanthemums, or even sunflowers in all colors. What a decadent and appealing look, and so simple to prepare!

Should you decide on lemonade, just heat it, and give the liquid a generous sprinkling of Holiday spices as you prefer, floating some berries or small, Fall plums in the serving bowl, and your guests will be super impressed, and so will you. These are so delicious & satisfying, and they definitely give off the fall aura. You can add alcohol at your discretion, but try and remain subtle…people are driving!

Basically, most recipes can be customized, given your personal touch, and they will then fulfill your own preferences.

When it comes to Fall appetizers, just keep to what is available at this time. We generally dig up our potatoes now. A great hit with children and adults alike. Plus, there are so many simple & delicious recipes for them.